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The Future is Rainbow with the newest We Are The Rainbow x IGNITE! Empowerment Grantees!

By YVC Secretariat – Thursday, December 8, 2022

As an organization that envisions a world where young members of the LGBTQI community are mobilized and empowered through capacity building to further their causes in advocating for equality and equity, Youth Voices Count opened its doors once again for the third round of the IGNITE! Empowerment Grants! The skies continue to be colored with the most distinct hues as our newest grantees of five youth-led grassroot organizations for this year’s We Are The Rainbow x IGNITE! Empowerment Grants program are to receive financial and technical support from Youth Voices Count together with Many Coloured Sky which is a branch from the THREE For All Foundation. Through this, their projects for the LGBTIQ youth are to be thrust towards greater heights not only within their community but even those outside their usual circle of beneficiaries.

LGBT organizations from the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and two from India were among the applicants for the third wave of the IGNITE! Empowerment Grants that had to undergo the rigorous selection process to determine which proposal was the most sustainable and would have the most impact if implemented. Thus, we give our warmest congratulations to our five recipients for their well-deserved success. Kudos again to our grantees and may they continue being the catalysts of change this world needs! Get to know more about them below!

Blossom Trust

Blossom Trust is a grassroots non-government organization established in Tamil Nadu, India that focuses on community-led integrated development and empowerment of children, LGBTQI+, women, HIV and TB-affected people, and other marginalized communities. Their areas of impact include health and awareness-raising, capacity building, and education, through a training-of-trainers approach, liaisoning and advocacy activities, and the establishment and strengthening of community networks and Self-Help Groups.

Learn more about their work and support them here:

Noboprobhaat Foundation

Noboprobhaat Foundation is a non-profit organization working for the overall development of marginalized SOGIESC communities of Bangladesh. Along with that, they work for marginalized women, youth, and indigenous people. They focus and prioritize the establishment of SOGIESC Rights and Human Rights, SOGIESC’s equal right to Education and Health, Economic Equity, Gender Equity, Prevention of Gender-Based Violence, Protection of Indigenous Culture, Eradication of Unemployment and Creating Employment Opportunities, Capacity Building, Knowledge Generation, Policy, and Advocacy, SRHR, SDG, HIV, and overall development of Climate.

Learn more about their work and support them here:


Kaakibat sa Inklusibong San Pablo (KAISA) is a youth-led coalition working to protect individual rights and offer equal opportunities for all in the province of Laguna, Philippines. This coalition aims to promote social inclusivity and diversity by raising awareness on discrimination against LGBTQIA+ community, women, people with disabilities, religious minorities, and indigenous people through public policy.

Learn more about their work and support them here:

Inti Muda Jawa Barat

Inti Muda Jawa Barat is a network organization, a constituent of Inti Muda Indonesia, made to assist and bring awareness to young key populations in the West Java region. The key populations that Inti Muda Jawa Barat focuses on consist of young gay men, young transgendered people, young female sex workers, young people with substance use disorder, and young people living with HIV/AIDS. Their vision with each targeted community is to create a key population that is empowered and has their rights met and fulfilled supported by three pillars of our organization; building the capacity of young key populations, advocating policies, and building networks.

Learn more about their work and support them here:

Amitie Trust

Amitie Trust is a community-based organization of, by, and for the people with non-normative sexualities and/or gender non-conformities. Apart from working in the interest of their community, they also work for promotion of sexual health among mainstream people as well. This helps in mainstreaming an issue where people are marginalized because of their sexualities and gender identities. It also serves the mainstream society by enhancing their awareness around sexual health, gender and sexuality.

Learn more about their work and support them here:

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